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Travel + photo shooting
 At Siracusa  on the island sicily of italy


Bookings start on August 15, 2019

(Groups: 4 persons minimum)


Prices only include accommodation and photography

A. Package for one person (Friends together:  price applies per person)

5 nights accommodation + a shooting session in the morning + a shooting session in the afternoon =1500€/person


B. Package for a couple  

5 nights accommodation + a shooting session in the morning + a shooting session in the afternoon = 2600€/couple

Shooting details

A  3-hour shooting in the morning , a group with 2 customers .(One couple counts as one customer)

•A  5-hour shooting in the afternoon , a group with 2 customers .

•The shootings of each group are planned over two days.

•For each customer: Around 600 premium quality pictures,  40 of which will be digitally retouched by PHOTOSHOP .

practical information

Customers must apply for an European visa in their country after booking and buy a flight ticket to Catane Airport, Italy.

•Direct access to Siracusa station by airport bus. After getting off the bus , Just 3 minutes walking to the accommodation.

•For example, for a group composed of 4 persons :  Two two-day shot sessions for each group. Four customers are divided into two groups: A and B.  Each group consists of 2 customers. Group A starts the 3-hour shooting in the morning. Group B the 5-hour shooting in the afternoon. The next day, the two groups exchanged the morning and afternoon shooting times.

•Free time for the remaining 3 days. Don‘t worry, Jenny will give you some valuable advice for travelling and transportation. You will truly enjoy the beautiful sunshine of Sicily! Listening to the waves crashing on the reef on the ancient coast ! As you stroll through the tranquil old alleys ,You will suddenly return to the memories of a distant childhood...

•Life is very short, there are too many wonderful things on the road. You should go there———Sicily, a place you should not lose! Believe me, you will not be disappointed!

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